Covid-19 Policy

Note: This policy was created for the Coronavirus pandemic 2020-2021. As of 1/3/2022, it is no longer actively in place but may be reinstated if the need arises. If you wish for any information please contact 
At Excite Solutions Ltd we are taking all the necessary precautions and following government guidance to ensure the health, safety, and well-being of our clients, our members of staff, and the public. We have reviewed all of our processes that are currently operating and will continue to do so, this allows us to promptly adapt as necessary, so we can deliver exceptional service safely and responsibly.

 1. Travelling  

a) All employees of Excite Solutions Ltd should, where possible have staggered start times.
b) Where staggering start times it’s not possible, all employees are to maintain the social distancing guidelines.
c) Hand washing and sanitising facilities are to be used when entering and exiting the premises of Excite Solutions Ltd.
d) Passengers travelling in company vehicles are to be limited.
e) All washing facilities within each vehicle are to be used.
f) upon entering the vehicle all staff are required to disinfect and clean the vehicle with the appropriate cleaning wipes provided.
g) Reducing occupancy of vehicles used for on-site travel.
h) A maximum of two members of staff are allowed to travel per vehicle and social distancing rules are to be followed within the vehicle.
i) Using fixed travel partners for each vehicle.
j) Increase ventilation where possible and wear given face coverings.
k) Where possible meetings will take place outside.
l) All employees on the premises of Excite Solutions Ltd must adhere to the signs and ground markings.
m) Raised voices are to be kept to a minimum.
n) Minimise face to face conversation.

2. On-site

a) Restricting access when necessary
b) Reducing movement by discouraging non-essential trips within buildings and on site.
c) Preventing job rotation when possible.
d) Implementing one-way systems where possible and walkways around the workplace.
e) A reminder is written on the high visibility vests of each Excite Solutions Ltd employees, asking all public, pupils and staff to retain a distance of at least 2 metres away.
f) Planning site access and area of safety points to enable social distancing.
g) Reducing the number of people in attendance at site inductions and consider holding them outdoors where possible with social distancing.
h) Staff will be designated for individual tasks (where possible).
i) Regulating the use of high traffic areas including corridors, lifts, and walkways to maintain social distancing.
j) After use, all equipment shall be cleaned and returned to a designated area.
k) Our staff at Excite Solutions will use signs and ground markings to allow controlled flow of people moving throughout the site.
l) Minimise face to face conversations.
m) Limit raised voices.

3. Cleaning of tools and machinery

a) Frequent cleaning of work areas and equipment between uses using staffs individual cleaning products.
b) Frequent cleaning of objects and surfaces touched regularly.
c) Making sure the disposal of all cleaning wipes gloves and masks are placed in a bin provided.
d) Removing waste and belongings from the work area shall occur once at the end of the working day.
e) All hand tools, controls, machinery and equipment are to be sanitised after use.

4. General Hygiene

a) Hand sanitiser (minimum 60% alcohol) is to be used.
b) On entering and leaving a premises or site, after coughing or sneezing where hands may have been contaminated, after using the toilet and before and eating and drinking, employees must wash their hands with soap and water for a minimum of 20 seconds. If hand washing facilities are not available hand sanitisers is to be used.
c) Employees using desks keyboards or computer mice must make regular use of sanitising wipes to clean them down. Regularly touched objects and services must be cleaned and wiped down.
d) items such as phones or pens should not be shared, if this is not possible they should be cleaned between each use.

5. Self-isolation measures

a) If any Employees of Excite Solutions Ltd are suspected of coming into contact with a COVID19 case then all members of staff and the customers of Excite Solutions Ltd will be notified immediately.
b) Any member of staff with a member of household displaying symptoms is required to self isolate for 14 days
c) In line with the government/NHS guidance any member of staff presenting symptoms associated with COVID-19 is required to self isolate for a minimum of seven days.
d) Prior to returning to work anyone who has been self isolating as above will be contacted the day before they are due to return to confirm they are free of a high-temperature and able to return to work.
e) If the Employees of Excite Solutions are cleaning after a known or suspected case of COVID-10 then they will refer to the specific guidance.

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