Grass Cutting & Maintenance

Providing efficient commercial grass cutting and maintenance services across East Anglia

At Excite Solutions, we have lean process that lead to superb productivity allowing us to pass the cost savings on to our clients. We have the expertise and up-to-date equipment to mow and manage large sites, delivering you a complete service that is adaptable, efficient and cost-effective.

Our fleet ranges from walk-behind battery operated mowers to 16ft wide gang mowers, allowing us to access, cut and maintain your grass areas of any size with competence. Local authorities use us to maintain very large areas, schools grounds, parks, bridleways, footpaths, verges, church yards and playing fields. 

  • LONG OR ROUGH AREAS – the Trimax FX155 out-front flail mower is attached to a John Deere 1545. It is 2 or 4 wheel drive, capable of reaching areas mid-mounted lawn mowers are unable attain. It is suitable for meadows, footpaths, bridleways, roadsides, parks, schools and commercial turfed area. The grass clippings are finely chopped then evenly dispersed behind the mower for a neat and tidy finish. When using an out-front mower, the operator has more visibility therefore it’s safer and more precise when cutting. The rear roller not only allows the mower to cut along kerbsides and banks without the blade striking the turf, it also produces an attractive striping effect. This machine is usually used in conjunction with the brush cutter.
  • MOWING LARGE AREAS – our Case Luxxum with a Trimax Pegasus 4.9m (16ft) attachment is fantastic for mowing extremely large areas. The Ransomes batwing MP653xc gang mower has an impressive cutting width of 4.27m (14ft), allowing us to cut up to 10 acres per hour, it has 9 rotary blades, discharges to the rear, has a far smaller turning circle than the Case Luxxum plus the wings fold vertically for versatility allowing us to reach narrow areas (as little as 165cm) which is particularly useful for mowing around play equipment, trees, picnic benches etc.
  • AMENITY CUTTING – we use Scagg Tiger 2 48″ cutting deck and Kubota ZD1211 60″ rear discharge cut. Both are zero turn lawn mowers with mulching blades and can rotate on a sixpence, allowing for extremely efficient manoeuvrability when cutting around numerous fixed obstacles within large areas. The performance of these are machines is exceptional when mowing around church yards cemeteries, play equipment, trees, seating, school grounds etc. Each have ROPS (roll over protection system), are road registered and have twin fuel tanks – minimising refuelling on-site.
  • FINISH CUTTING – our tractor mounted finishing mower is ideal for cutting formal lawns, sports fields, camping/glamping sites and large areas of land – with 2 rollers it leaves a superb finish.
  • SMALL AREAS – in our fleet, we also have professional walk-behind mowers, this allows our team to either mulch, collect, or collect and roll.
  • BRUSH CUTTING – is similar to a strimming, however, the brush cutter has metal blades that is used to trim weeds, tree sampling trees, hawthorn, blackthorn, brambles and other foliage. 
  • STRIMMING – is an integral part of making an area look neat after it has been mowed.
         Our grass management includes the following:

  • VERTI-DRAINING – the verti-drain de-compacts soil, helps alleviate water-logging and deeply aerates the ground to promote a healthy root structure and drainage.
  • ROLLING – is used after seeding and can be used to firm top dressing, it also creates beautiful dramatic stripes on your lawn.
  • AERATION – using our slitter, it helps loosen the soil allowing more oxygen to penetrate down to the root, reduces thatch build-up and improves the infiltration of water and nutrients.
  • SEEDING – re-seeding, also known as over-seeding is applied only to the patchy areas of the lawn. Attached to a two wheel tractor, our Blec seeder can seed vast areas of ground in a short period of time, improving the overall look and quality of the grass.
  • SEED PREPARATION – our stone burier is a unique pierce of machinery that is designed to execute the optimal soil preparation. It works the ground with ease, burying stones and clods (lumps of earth, clay or turf) rotavating, raking and rolling the soil establishing a fine tilth perfect for seeding.
  • WEED CONTROL – herbicidal treatment is only applied by our staff who hold PA1 and PA6 certificates. We are NPTC certified in the use of knapsack and boom sprayers (up to 3 metres) and complete a COSHH report upon every application. We use a glyphosate based herbicide which prevents the plants from making particular proteins required to grow, it is effective on grasses, woody plants and broad-leaf weeds, however, before deciding to spray we will first use other methods of weed control.
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Our mission is to deliver exceptional multi-service solutions in grounds maintenance, grass cutting and tree surgery to education, public and commercial sectors. We will listen to your requirements and provide you with an adaptable service that shall consistently exceed your expectations.
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Our vision is, through continued growth and innovations, to be recognised as the pinnacle of excellence in grounds, grass and trees throughout East Anglia; and to be considered the provider of choice to meet our client’s needs.