Tree and Hedge Services

Providing tree surgery, surveys and hedge cutting across East Anglia.

Tree Services

 With healthy and safety being our number one priority, our fully qualified and highly experienced tree surgeons are well equipped with modern, well maintained machinery that will take care of your project and property in a professional, efficient and safe conscious manner. During bird nesting season, all trees and hedges are inspected and surveyed by our arborists before any work begins.

    Our arborist will remove a selected proportion of secondary and small branch growth throughout the crown, doing so will result in an even density of foliage, balance the tree, allow more light to pass through as well as ease wind resistance. Pruning this way can also be remedial work for the long-term health of more mature trees.
    Removal of low hanging, weak or dead branches that are too close to roads or buildings is essential for health and safety reasons, therefore raising the crown will allow access underneath the tree of which were previously hazardous or restricted; it is also an effective way of increasing light to areas close to the tree. 
    Pruning the upper branches of a tree looks severe, however, it is rejuvenating and encourages vigorous, dense growth and can prolong the trees life. Usually we pollard the majority of trees between late winter and early spring.
    Our arborists will evaluate the risks of each tree on its own merit before commencing any felling operations, with an emphasis on safety,   particularly minimising the risk to the property, its surroundings, and the environment.
    Our health and safety survey is observed from the ground, the trees will be assessed to identify potential hazards, diseases and defects these will be documented in a ‘negative tree report’ – we look for the following: 
          • Fungi on the tree or base
          • Branch union 
          • Cavities
          • Storm or wind damage
          • Cross branches
          • Balance of the tree
          • Raised roots
          • Deadwood
    Most often a stump is removed if its in the way of plants, building works, house extensions, fencing works, etc or if for aesthetic reasons you wish for it to be cleared. 

 to assess the health and  

Hedge and Shrub Cutting

Hedge trimming at a campsite near Diss, Norfolk using John Deere tractor with a Ryetec scissor attachment

    Our compact tractor allows work to be carried out in both restricted areas and on vast hedgerows with minimal disturbances to the ground. 


    We operate state of the art STIHL battery hedge cutters, regarded as the brand leader. Battery technology offers reduced vibration and noise levels, they produce zero emissions and eliminate the holding of fuel on site.

All Excite Solutions Limited operatives are trained in house on the correct handling and use of all machinery. All equipment is owned solely by Excite Solutions Limited and it is only ever used by employees. Before use, each device is visually inspected to ensure it is fit for purpose and meets all the health and safety requirements. A scheduled log is kept of all maintenance. As part of our environmental policy, we use ASPEN fuel in smaller machines, which is a cleaner fuel – virtually free from benzene, sulphur and other harmful substances, friendly on the engine and the environment.

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Our mission is to deliver exceptional multi-service solutions in grounds maintenance, line marking, grass cutting and tree surgery to education, public and commercial sectors. We will listen to your requirements and provide you with an adaptable service that shall consistently exceed your expectations.
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Our vision is, through continued growth and innovations, to be recognised as the pinnacle of excellence in grounds, grass and trees throughout East Anglia; and to be considered the provider of choice to meet our client’s needs.