Line Marking

Robotic and manual sports line marking contractors - creating precise lines across Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex and Cambridgeshire

As sports line marking contractors, we know just how essential it is to have precise lines, which is why we use both manual and up-to-date GPS robotic line markers to create the perfect lay-out for sports pitches in a fraction of the time - thus saving precious time and money

When initially marking-out a sports field, our robotic line-marker comes into its own – below are the comparisons:


8 lane 400m running track

11 a-side football pitch

Rugby pitch

Rounders pitch


1 hour 45 minutes

25 minutes

25 minutes

5 minutes


8 hour day (two grounds people)

2-3 hours (one grounds person)

2-3 hours (one grounds person)

20-30 minutes (one grounds person)

As you can see the time saving for the initial marking-out of a sports field is vast and the robots efficiency enables the field to be accessible to far quicker therefore saving time and money. The plotting of the pitch is created on a tablet, details are saved onto the software so the information can be retrieved and used time again knowing on the day the pitch will be set out perfectly, thus, giving reassurance for all.

 We use rain and water resistant paint for our robotic and manual line markers to initially mark-out/over-mark following:

  • Training grids
  • Football, rugby, hockey and rounders pitches 
  • Shot put, javelin and discus areas 
  • 100m, 200m, 400m 8 lane athletics tracks 
  • Club names

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